Nasty and Jerome are very naughty
Naughty... Naughty... Naughty... Naughty... Naughty
Yeahh blud
Yep yep yep brrrap
Yes nasty and jerome innit
Fuck you up
Reppin chivalric c brrrap
You jewdemi pricks
Beth you're fat!
Once and always.....

Nasty Hazzard and mc Jerome
Phenomally stoned on the microphone
Were seizing rap like caesar seized rome
Remembering chivalric you aint alone
Name is nasty life full of hazzard
Maverick regenade life full of daggers
Life for me is music my passion
S** drugs don't
I like fashion
Academic flatcaps, do-rags
Masturbate to my porno mags
Smoke the joint of hatred
Everyone says that I'm
Al-ways be-la-ted
Out of time
But always benign to my friends....

I show no benevolence so much eloquence
When I'm chung my raps have no relelvance
Ding my boy jerome
Tell him to leave home, come get stoned
I'm ever so prone to prevail in my zone
Knight in shining armour
Hit you with the drama - released by the karma
And cos I kneel down to the king gimme a ding
And I might just say
Bing bong!

I snap like king kong
So don't get in my way cos I never am wrong
I would spitroast you but that takes too long
What I'm here for tonight is to get fucking monged
Monged off my face
Its a fucking disgrace, lights make you so dizzy
Acting oh-so silly
Playing games all night like
Check that bitch out I got my eyes on her
My rhymes so deep I'm sharp as razor
Never lost my gift despite being such a blazer
Underestimate me I'll shock you like taser
And then make you eat my fucking shit....
But I'll let that go this time
Even though you messed up my fucking rhyme
I think that it's time to hit the dro'
Get ready for it don't be too slow man
This don't shower man
Fo' sho'
Dez dez my man you my hero

Someone set me B's on zoot or I'll kill 'em
On second thoughts set me draw for a min and I'll bill 'em
Up a nice L yeah that will just chill 'em
Then well play bing bong until we just drill 'em
50 second joint rinse sure will kill 'em
Zoot upon zoot but let jerome bill 'em
Get out the beers yeh we should just chill 'em
Then comes bing bong nasty just thrill 'em

(Repeat chorus)

I'm the best I don't come from the west
I'm north all my life
And I'm feeling the strife, the strife is rough I got cut by a knife
Nine times yeah you dig my rhymes
Blazing make you feel like running a mo-no-po-ly
Sitting in a bar looking pretty just sipping shandy
--- lets pick up a key of draw
And smoke it all in the school
Don't need motivation, renotation, it's my location that breeds my vocation
Alienation hazzard has no patience
Fuck with me it's all dilapidation
Ptc gonna fuck you up
All you jewdemi pricks we wont back you up
Nasty hazzard don't take liberties
Don't you fuck I got history
Who do you think taught you to bust knees now
Who do you think taught you to smoke trees
Josh Es, Apple Cs, Hydraulic Bs and Jamie Ts
I set J a ding-a-ling
If he gives me a bing-b-bing-bing-bing-bing-bing

Don't you see my point
All I wanna do is blaze a joint
I don't care what it is roll up a bob marley
Get it toking like heaven
That would be gnarly
Make sure it's all spread though - proportionate
A rip on that end would be unfortunate
Mess my zoot I'll get the ucs army come down on you
Like a fucking tsunami
This s***s good
Get that copy and pasted
And meanwhile make sure I get fucking wasted
Cos I remember the times of pokemon blue
Like when charizard 'gainst pikachu
Shit use tailwhip to bring defence down
Diminishes hit points - bring 'em to the ground
Get scooped by onix while battling rock
Pikachu attacks but no
Effect from thundershock
I think that the situations getting quite hairy
Might be time to bring on clefairy
Looks like dead meat all she does is just sings
But pidgeots here now spreading her wings
Looks like onix just got dusted
Its super effective rock just got busted
Got your first badge now - good on you ash
And look - you even got a shitload of cash
Shame that your mum has got bare fanny rash
And that you can't come here and spark up some hash
Don't worry too much
Just go home cos my batterys dead
Don't fuck with jerome


(Repeat Chorus)

Chicken Dippas! Bruuup brrrruuup
Jewdemi pricks Bruuup brrrruuup
Dj hydraulics Bruuup brrrruuup
Dj wal-wal Bruuup brrrruuup
Blud! Bruuup brrrruuup
Yo yo come on Bruuup brrrruuup
Chicken Dippas! Bruuup brrrruuup
Jewdemi we'll fuck you up! Bruuup brrrruuup

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Bing Bong Lyrics

Nasty Hazzard & MC Jerome – Bing Bong Lyrics

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