Check it out all you need to do is trust me
Everythang gonna be aright
I know you love me so you can trust me
Don't listen to your friends spying
The ones just tryin to bust me not to say bust like I'm a bad guy
Never given a reason to hurt ya
No need to ask why
And you know that I wont desert ya
Never hurt ya 'cause that's not in my blood
Me hurtin you is like a sin
And I got much love
Do you really think that I would do you like that
After all we been together
Me n your love that's a fact
I know you aint trippin about last night
You don't believe me
I'm not gonna say anotha word 'cause j n mackady

Its 2 oclock in the morning
And I'm tryin to be descret
Pickin up the telephone because we have to speak
And even though you made it clear that never in your life
Did you wanna have association with a low life
But I'm sorry what else can I say
You pushed me away and every man needs affection
But hey when you lose the only thing that matters in your life
Its hard to breathe hard to think and hard to hold the tears inside
So have compassion give us another try
Ill be by your side till I die

Lemme take you home everybody gone
Me n you alone baby don't worry knock off the phone
Makin your body moan makin sure I'm hittin every spot
Makin you hot I'm hittin the preasure point with all I got
Sweatin makin sure that bookie lows not lettin
Your fantasy weaken you can call me the human weapon
So baby don't be scared just let me go a little deeper
Let me explore that hot love and makin you much weaker
If you wanna do whateva you want then baby I'm your man
Got the latte n the kids so keep it if you can
'cause this is all night
1 or 2 minutes of passion
Hours n hours of hot lovin to have you passin out
Makin you scream n shout takin another route
Believe I'm gonna give you the definition of what loves about

Mama used to tell me they're be gurls like this
Being a playa neva thought I would feel like this
'cause aint nothin like the feelin that you give when the lights is dim
Satin bed material all I wanna get in like a rush takin over
Maybe this can be addicting and I can be your puppetier
For the fantasy you kinky some of sexaholic
Got my fiendin 4 the flesh
Now it really dosnt matter all the chatter going round
When it comes to satisfaction can't be wastin time with clowns
Cause it's all about the choices
S*** voices on the lobes of the ears of the hunnies so real
So tell me how you feel

And baby you know that were gonna keep it on the real
So what you wanna do now
We know abotu each others past
Seein each other butt naked and even t0ok a bath with each other
You say I love you down like no other
Made it clear as a picture when we was sweatin up under the covers
Now look me n my eye and remember
That the only one that gave you all the lovin that you needed was this guy
So when you need that passion that your body lackin
Make sure you call on bookie low the one that's packin

(girl moaning and groaning)
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Temptation Lyrics

Nasty Boy Klick – Temptation Lyrics