Yo it's k karoni wnbk the only radio station that slams a jam

Check this out it's lastest from nasty boy klick it's the az side

[Chorus:] x1

Take a little trip, take a little trip with me

Take a little trip, take a little trip and see

------ now who wants to take a trip(echoe)

Sit back enjoy the ride, as we take a little trip

Through the az side


Now let me step out the arizona sunset

Album number 2 just to clock respect(uhh)

This time we gotta do it my way

Cruise control with me and ziggy hit the highway

Bout to hit the spot so pop the top

To the bottle of the champagne

In the studio workin on a phat track

New release cause I'm lookin for the fat stacks

Uhh change the flow for my hente

Dropin all those lyrics that are stickin to your mente

So let it be known that I'm the rap mistro

Bouncin like a ride with the hydros

Too swift in the mix in the backround

Makin sure the honeys on flow get down

So get live and do what you do

Cause we gotsta bomb from the 6 cero 2


[Verse 2:]

Steppin out the doorway holmes, it's the zig zag

My khakis all bagged, saturday night and it's time to party

We have a hotel suite for the after party

We'll have s** on the beach

Cisco for the nenfos while the rest is sprung off that coke and bacardi

And those rainbow daceries

Fillin dirty mouth of fantasies

We got warm summer knocks for the freaks

And all the dogs chasing all the kitties

From all over the cities, came to the zone to party

Zig zag with the magic?

So you can ride from the westside, eastside, northside and the south

We gets down so california gon feel it

So how ya gonna this it if ya never even seen it


[Verse 3:]

We'll hit the switch and let the back fall

It's 10 o'clock and it's time to hit central

Cause all the hoochies lined up straight beggin for the ride

Rollin in the passport leanin to the side

Well let it ride I was all high

To keep my mind off the heat

With the ac blowin in my face as we hit center street

Cause you know how we do it

Laaaa five carloads, caravan, and one line

Turning right cause I'm bout to hit baseline

Bump the alpine it's mc magic and too swift

And you know the ziggy's still up on it

I got the calls hoppin, girly stoppin

Remember how I used to be when punks never had to quit this bumpin

So drop the gats and check the track

And take a ride through the az side


{Music fade... }
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Az Side Lyrics

Nasty Boy Klick – Az Side Lyrics