Father, father can't you see
Noone's watching over me
Always do the things you say
No more falling to your way

Mother, mother don't you feel
The things you never wanna deal
With. The open sky is red
Everlasting words you said

Now, I'm falling
Wait til I hear you calling
Throw the dice, fallen twice
Lost in life's own whirlwind
No, I'm sorry
Wished you would never want me
Hard to follow, wrought the sorrow
Why you don't know I am me

Fallen victim to the world
In waking moments truth be told
How the journey never ends
How she never pretends

When the final day draws near
You'll wish you were never here
Watching passages of life
Life you'll never live out twice


Father, father can't you see
I've been watching over thee
Forgot the words that never heal
Sew the scars so I can't feel

When the final day draws near
You'll never have to fear
For all the pain, truth be told
As the story now unfolds

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Journey Lyrics

Naraka – Journey Lyrics