Om Maheshwaraaya, Om Shivaaya
There are those who call you in vain
Funeral pyres, lost desires
They leave their victims in pain

I search for the way out of my confession
Who am I? Sane or insane
Crave the wave of humiliation
My soul isn't going away

Aadu Paambe, Vilayaadu Paambe X2

Face of grey that is looking my way
Displays the moon and the sun
I wait for the day to open it's way
I'll wait 'til thy kingdom has come

Aadu Paambe... X2

Slave to the faith of the suffering droves
Calling and chanting with beads
Keeping the last strands of sanity
Washing their sins in the sea

The fall of the walls of lies and deceit
Will leave me with nothing to care
Sweating and bleeding and screaming and pleading
With the cross that I cannot bear

Aadu Paambe... X2
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Aadu Paambe Lyrics

Naraka – Aadu Paambe Lyrics