God let Satan rule the earth for a thousand years
That's why so many tears have lost so many peers
And the fear of god should always stay inside of man
But the happiness the devil give you ruled the land

Don't understand who made money, and tell me why I need it
And if it ever take control, you know your soul delete it
I pleaded to god with my heart and mind many times
If you out there god take me from this life of crime

And he took me away just like the bible say
But the devils playground, is where is I stay and lay
I pray for the unconsecrated tribe that never made it
I know time froze but I hope your soul vindicated

Invaded by demons, and a cesspool of broken wings
It's gonna be heaven on earth bad as it seems
I dream for that day I fiend for that day when god
Come take the devil and his angels all away..

They told me all my life, I better use my mind
But homie all my life, I had to use my nine
Ain't start to get knowledge my nigga
Till' I read the Koran, they told me truth was hidden

But I had it in my palm
Hell on earth, shit hell gonna be worse
But I can handle all the stress, 'cause I was raised in dirt
We got planes hitting buildings, niggas with their millions

They feeding the pulse, so why they flossing it for
Don't tell me god is Jesus (i don't believe that)
It ain't no god, but god, and brother Jesus, is a prophet of god
While you sitting back waiting, for Christ to return

I'm on my block, with my Glock, and its ready to burn
The sad part is most niggas don't believe in god
Until the angel of death come, and its time to ride
Ain't no repentance after that, and it won't be accepted

Everything you did in your life, will show in your record
'Cause after this its either hell or heaven,
Ain't no running, ain't no felon
Lil' nigga, you going face your lord

They say if you lived by the gat, you going die by the sword
But down here on earth lord, we don't have no choice
Little niggas got their gats, and their palms say more
If they want their money, they're going get it,

If they have to use force
Now of course I have my loaded semi, waving over my enemy
I'm a bring them hell on earth, nigga what you kidding me..

Islam teach me to ride or die
While I pray to Allah, I keep my loaded forty five
But I'd rather have peace, but I can't find it on earth
I was stranded and cursed from birth, amerikkka
Why you pointing your finger at me, you need to stop it
'Cause bush raping everybody profit, amerikkka
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Hell On Earth Lyrics

Napoleon – Hell On Earth Lyrics