I pick you you're the last scab that will take it's place
I flick you you'd better get used I'm gonna scratch you from existence
Deleach you you can't ever take this place
Unhook you don't you dare move a muscle
Discard you you always stop me from moving to the place
I was always destined to be

You're an itch I wanna scratch I need to scratch
Your're the itch I need to scratch I gotta scratch

I stick you you're the one that's pulling me down
I give you only one choice before I scratch you from existence
Delatch you discard you to the pile
Ungrip you though you always keep pulling
Deny you I'll always leave you guessing to the reason's
Why you picked on me

So the hating comes from you alone
Life wasn't meant to be overthrown
The sickness it grows from you alone
I'll never feed from this
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Itch Lyrics

Nakedheart – Itch Lyrics

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