Beat Rock, Yeah Haha This What It All Boils Down To Man Haha, Go Hard Or Go Home Haha, I Got Em'

First Thing First I Nak Love All My Foes, C'mon It's Like I Was Born With Brick Bones C'mon I Been This Hard And This Strong Just A Li'l Rough Hittin' It All In One Song, I Go For The Gold I Never Wear Silver And Me And The Color Bronze We Never Got Along, Bumped Into A Psychic On My Way Home Eyes Grew So Bright When She Read My Palm Said "I Know it's Dark Now But The Light Gone Come, So No Matter What You Do Boo Remain Calm" So I Take That Faith Put It In This Song And Pray To The One Up High Dat Got Stoned, I Can Never Feel Alone I am What I Imagine A Man Of Good Deeds In Land Full Of Famine If I Don't Have Me No Cash I Still Manage, Cause I Don't Need Me No Cash To Feel Granted It Seem Like The World Is Full Of Catches Even A Email Come With An Attachment Take A Look At The Man In The Business Suit And See The Milk Stain On His Mustache, Yeah,... Feel The Ability To Give A Man Humility it's Gettin' Kinda Hot Do You Feel The Humidity Just Press A Double Arrow If You People Aint Feelin' Me, A Book Full Of Books That's Some Heavy Artillery You Can Take That To The Bank Or Could Fill The Hillary, Look Mama We Made It To D.C Cause We Stood In A Line For A Whole Week Had A Tough Time On The Grind But it's Only A Matter Of Time For I Get To Reach My Own Peak Yeah, And On This Whole CD Umma Give Ya'll The Best Of Me You Can Believe Dat.

[Bridge- B- Eazy]
Oh it's Been A Long Time And I'm Here Now And I Won't Stop Cause I Aint Goin No Were... So I Just Sit Up In My Lac And I'm Bumpin All My Jamz Cause One Day I'm Gone Have Ya'll Wavin' Ya'll Hands

So Umma Go Hard (Hard) And Umma Go Hard And Umma Go Hard (Hard) x2
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Hard Lyrics

Nak – Hard Lyrics

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