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Level Now Lyrics

Nafe Smallz – Level Now Lyrics

All they tell me is bad news
It's like their energy hoping a man lose
Sliding through the city I'm tiltin I'm on cruise
Phone ringing now I'm just taking in these views
I'm smokin through these zoots my levels increased too
I can't only drop one project I need two
The game feeling young hungry n*ggas we need food
And for that belly we do what we gon do
Take my shades off you can see the real in my eyes
Natural sauce, I don't need to revise
When the fans run up on me I don't need no disguise
We're genuine guys
Tryna see my dreams come alive
Overprotective of my passion like my first born
Kill the chorus on the track and see the verse born
She wanna [?] every minute on the first floor
Music really changed my life I need a verse more
4 figure tops [?] when it drop
[?] only right you feel the force of a God
When I never had 100, oh you thought I forgot?
Fuck the money being broke is what taught me a lot
I walked in the spot
Bro be takin more than a loss
I even stayed down and climbed back up
Find that guap like, non-stop
The times non-stop, the fight non-stop
Work on the mirror till you like what's what
I'm only lookin round for peace or peace of mind
Everybody turning back without a reason why
They told me money changes people and I see the signs
Thinkin bout the struggle was always stoppin me sleep at night
Make moves to live in my shoes
Canada Goose it's chilly with my mood
Plan to pursue dreams that don't even exist in reality
All this vanity, is that why they mad at me?
Casually puttin beats into casualty
Don't embarrass me I'm [?] can't fathom me
I deny the law and defy the laws of gravity
I show no remorse so don't bother tryin to challenge me
Lately I've been creepin cos I'm close to the edge
You don't wanna push these buttons we can go there again
Keep it lowkey, few homies to hold down the whole team when we on street
More deeper than the rap beef it's only due to get a little sticky for these yutes we'll see
Keep my hands in different pies man I'm all cosy
Mum told me not to sell drugs, it's okay
Had to learn the hard way [?]
Run up on me at the studio in broad day
Try hit me for attempted with my bro [?]
They be schemin' on us
Need to thank a couple people for believing in us
Even when majority didn't even wan' reason with us
They don't know how many nights I spent
Cold like this and broke like this
You ain't ever met another who has hope like this
Lost my dargies to the streets I had to cope with death
Ain't no money for the real I had to cope with stress
Take me so long to repent like I don't know what's best
In the booth I'm on my shit like I don't know what's next


Ooh I don't know what's next, what's next
Yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Young n*gga I trap through the winter
I pull up, skkrr, I'm with the team [?]
You know you ridin with a winner
You ridin with a winner

Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
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