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All White Interior Lyrics

Nafe Smallz – All White Interior Lyrics

All white interior
Aeroplane mode
Ain't getting through on my cellular
I was on the roads
These journeys I always level up
I think about my problems to fix them try not to bury em
Back into the club with these bottles anything Perignon
Diving straight into the deep end we never steady on
We leaving drunk on a regular
Pack is never regular
Squeeze too many girls in the uber like fuck it the more the merrier
See I can never lose only battle with myself
This Henny is all really tryna battle my health
On the come up them haters would move stealth
I leave them to catch dust
Them n*ggas stay on shelf
Billin up myself
They growin in my spring
Summers still all mine
The heat is what I bring
They pray on my demise
I pray for the right things to come into my life
But still I just find sin
Girls for the motive every weekend
Smokin on chronic till [?]
One day ima move to the islands ain't got a reason
I wake up from all my dreams and I'm back to really achieving
The money it keep me feenin
Soon when I come for the throne they call it treason
It's cos I be rushin in through them gates I ain't tryna ease in
Four every morning when I creep in
She don't care where I been as long as she gets the feelin like im deep in
I'm Gucci, I'm livin life on the edge
They lookin at me funny like it's something I said
I feel the pressure of the world like it's all on my head
I'm smokin down on a Z
Until there's no weed left
And every room that I step in I know I'm takin a step
I'm getting closer to greatness the only thing that I rep
They used to doubt on a brother until I did what I said
Instead of thinking he could, now they waiting on when
I know they feel it within
I'm up at 7 tryna find these notes
Always writing when im drunk so all my life's disclosed
Melodies and the flows is all that I impose
This hennessy and the smoke it make my mind go low
We go on and on and on and on yeah
Until the morn the morn the morn the morn the morn yeah
I told you the day would come
I told you I'd be the one
How can you hate on what I've become
We making it out the slums
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