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Ecofascism Lyrics

Naakhum – Ecofascism Lyrics

Ecofascism is the ultimate agenda of the elite
Ecology being used politically is a deceit

Mandatory payment for the carbon footprint on earth
Full control of the energy perpetuating extinction and death

Environmental NGOs - controlled opposition
Silence towards the true responsible of wildlife's demolition

Slaughter industry, exempt of accusation
Compassion isn't their foundation

They want to
Shut down infrastructure
Grow biofuel, ecofriendly agriculture
Shut down is the instruction
Hiding Tesla's free-energy production

They want to
Shut down infrastructure
The target is nation state's rupture
Water pollution, Earth's destruction
Profit from development's obstruction

The global panic precedes fundings to the climate science
New world order is the agenda, supranational alliance

Geoengineering, climate war they call climate change
Chemtrails not included in environmentalist's visual range?

Meanwhile, seizing rainforests to grow animal feed
Breeding GMO fed livestock, indeed

Domination through international law, their good deed
The take over of the natural resources is their creed

Ecofascism is the ultimate agenda of the elite
Concentration in large cities, and non-mobility they seek

It was way too inconvenient to Al Gore
To mention the industry of dairy, eggs and meat
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