Crossing distant lands, swords on hands
Came the braves, towards the victory
Over the hills, far from home they fought
And their acts will be forever remembered

Honoured warriors, more than just men
Their fate they carried in their hands
Their legacy is what
Give us confidence to move on
For them songs have been sang
And stories have been told
Sons of this glorious land
Let your spirit lead us

On battles braves fell
But their souls still live
And forever they will be remembered
The power of the braves
Is not on their swords
Not on their strengh or on anger
But on their hearts
You may loose the battle
You may loose your life
But never, never
Let your heart freeze
Be a brave, and live forever

In their eyes we could see courage
Of men who overcame suffering and pain
For the memory of the braves we still sing
Valorous men, your souls will never die
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Ode To The Braves Lyrics

Mystic Shadows – Ode To The Braves Lyrics

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