Decisions are falling
The sun will paint in black
The priest will kill again
The gods now will be back
To the gods of Ra they prey
In the desert dust they stay
His flesh and bloodies stone
The eternal grave of bones
Desire blood and vengeance
Betray and betrayed
Signs, dead information
Spiritual world in flames

The priest will rise in other destinations
Four thousand years survived
To save his nation proud

Hail... To the demons crown
Immortal soul will burn around
Forever in grave damnation
Hail... To the demons bones
The prophecy across the land
The eights signs of hell
The demons crown

They kill with hate
And rage his sacrifice
The last sign be reborn is realized
Hail... New god's are creation
Thousand of years are lost
Forever in damnation
They hide in mystery world's
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Demons Crown Lyrics

Mystic Prophecy – Demons Crown Lyrics