[Music: Liapakis, Gus G. / lyrics: Liapakis]

Wherever you'll stand I'll always be near you
I let you feel my breath
I sense the fear inside you
I can smell the blood
That runs in your veins
Can you feel me??

Calling from hell
Demons and wizards suround you
Calling from hell
Dark voices are screaming your name
Calling from hell
Now they are back to kill you
Calling from hell
Now you are burning in hell

I have returned to take you back
All these years I've searched for you
But now the time has come for you
Your burning in hell for ever
For all that you have done to me

I will fill I'll rip your heart out
And I'll spit upon your rotten flesh
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Calling From Hell Lyrics

Mystic Prophecy – Calling From Hell Lyrics

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