Laid on thorns, till Morpheus took what's real
Laid to mourn, to look what night has to conceal

Within a mist of myself you I found
Followed the seed of weeds and roses my life have bound

Let us unfold together...

Broke the oath till truth was overwhelmed
Trapped your light to sense what fear has to conceal

Let us gather our hearts in the dark and cold
For noone passes our valley in it's stale youth

Undeaneath the twin suns we strife alone
O, let us share the pungent air and lower to our death

With my bare hands I teared your heart, sweet rose!
No more words, I ripped your tongue and raped your soul!
Foul skin's my coat, red heart my meal, my overdose!
No love nor hate, no reason nor aim, just dreams unfold!

Within a mist of myself...
In the dark and cold...
Let us unfold together... Let us unfold!
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Dreams Unfold Lyrics

Mysterium – Dreams Unfold Lyrics