Look around you, and tell me what you see
You're not alone
But I'm lost again in a Dream
Too hard to explain
But in a sense, there's no place I can go

Cause you know I love you
But try and understand
I'm captive in a different world
And if you take my hand
Perhaps you'll see what it's all about
'Cause it's too hard to explain
And in a sense too wonderful to ever change

Now girl, look around you and tell me what you see
A dreamer's world, but it's free
So take me in your arms right now and share your life with me
'cause right now that's the only thing I need

You know that I love you
I don't mean to make you cry
And now it seems that all I need is you here by my side
And I, I know I'm a dreamer, and that's all I'll ever do
But lately I can only dream of you
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You Know I Love You Lyrics

Myron Stam – You Know I Love You Lyrics

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