Money to be made, money, money to be made (on my block it's)
Money to be made, money, money to be made (all the time it's)
Money to be made, money, money to be made (in my hood it's)
Money to be made, best believe a nigga clockin

If it's money to be made, then it's money to be paid
My money go missing, it's money to be replaced
The nigga who got it lost, money'll be erased
My money never run but I'm always on the chase
And I'm on young man but got worldly taste
I like my women grown wit' a girley face
Long hair, pretty toes, so you already know
Only thing I like more than the pussy is the doe
Plus I'm smoking cheeba, making niggas believers
I say I'm going green, I ain't buying a Prius
I couldn't be more high if my name was jesus
Still about my bread cause that's what dolladee is
A penny for my thoughts, I'ma need at least a buck
Or niggas'll get treated like glue and get stuck
If it's people in the hood then it's money on the street
The breed on a track, then it's money on the beat, uh

HOOK (2x's)

Yes it's money to be made, I get money I'm insane
Add my dough to my glaze and this donut ain't the same
There's a twist to my game, bring a twist to my braids
Since the twist is on my mind then it is a twist of fame
I'm the G that I claim, I'm the cream of the crop (yup)
Music is my savior so this is why I'm hot
Rock hard like erections to the affections that ya'll got
Pointing right in my direction of my investment in twat
On every corner I pot, and they always stuffing tops
And from that I'm getting gwap so I get money pimpin' blocks
Since my work is on the block, a new money is in pot
If I grow it more will come so I just kick back and watch
Every tick to the tock, placing work on the clock
I just love to count money they call me Mr. Count-a lot
We're the sharks of this marine, placing blood wit cake and cream
We're supreme, we're the team signified as the Breed

HOOK (2x's)

Got a hunger for the dough and I always feed it
Money's apart of me, I literally bleed it
This is food for thought, why ya'll go and eat it
I ain't goin' nowhere til my mission's completed
People placin' bets, my money is a threat
Put my money under pressure but my money never sweat
And I'm strapped at the waist, I got money to protect
My money got a temper don't make my money upset
Old school money, my money is a vet
Tell them lil niggas show my money respect
You say you want a war, tell 'em go and get prepped
I'm already on the edge and ready to take a step
And I'm a C.E.O. so my money do grow
You put me on display and my money do show
Plus I'm from the Brook so you know I ain't shook
Take a good look, now listen to the hook, Myno

HOOK (2x's)
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Money 2 Be Made Lyrics

MYNORiTY – Money 2 Be Made Lyrics

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