Mylene Farmer ( From Star Club Magazine Portrait)
Born: September 12th, 1961
Birth place: Montreal, Canada
Height: 1.67 m
Weight: 49 kg
Eyes: light brown
Hair: red
Family: one sister and two brothers,not married, no children
Home: Paris, France
Pets: two capuchin monkeys (E.T. & Leon)
Favourite food: sushi, coca cola
Favourite colours: blood red, black and natural white
Favourite film: Ryan's Daughter by David Lean
Favourite actor: Mickey Rourke
Favourite actress: Greta Garbo
Favourite musicians: Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Gainsbourg and Barbara
Characteristics: narcissistic, romantic, violent, sensual and faithful
Hobbies: jogging, horse riding and gym
Drawing, writing, reading and shopping
Phobias: spiders and water (she never takes bath!)
Wanna be: actress (her first movie will be shot during this spring)
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Mylene Info Lyrics

Mylene Farmer – Mylene Info Lyrics