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Killing Spree Lyrics

Mykill Miers – Killing Spree Lyrics

(At night movin quickly on a new mission)

(When it comes to microphones, I leave my victims found slain)

(Killin everybody in sight)

[Verse 1]
I orchestrate mass murder with A. 38
Shot after shot slugs dive in your chest plate
I got a news for bitch niggas who hang around me
For proof look at the dead bodies that lay around me
You see, I love to see a nigga with his neck slit
Where the knife exits and bloods squirts from his flesh quick
He's juggin his cut
He's on the ground huggin his nuts
Cause he never felt this kinda pain
Ogygen leaks from your brain
24 seconds before pin out slain
Lookin plain, there's no life that remains
As you regain consciousness
I kick your asophagus, now you're left lifeless
As triflin as that seems, I can do much worse
Imagine the shit I do to see you in a hearse
When you're hurt, I'm happy as hell
We can go toes, my gun clappin is swell
I'm on a killin spree

Goin from state to state
With a nickel-plate
Goin from home to home
Puttin chrome to domes
Goin all across America
Scarin ya
Cause lyrically
Myke Miers is on a killin spree

[Verse 2]
On to the next victim, let's pick him
A white boy in Lexus, let's lick him
I put the gun to the window, but he don't know
He's in another world blizzed, bet he sniffin some blow
So I let off one, see if he would respond
The shot hit the dashboard and ricoched in his arm
Got a passion to kill, I'm blastin at will
Blood splashed on my grill
Mykill's up close and personal
My arsenal is equipped to lynch
Brutalize em all, because I got a blood thirst to quench
A bloodbath is the only way that I get cleaned
Bullets pierce your spleen from the M-16
Or a A. K., no Hollywood style
I gets away clean with dead bodies for miles
All smiles turn to frowns when I enter your town
Cause I puts it down like Berkowitz
When it comes to murder hits
Killin spree


[Verse 3]
All they found was a bloody hatchet
And a bloody matress
And a slain body of a bloody actress
First name Sharon, last name Tate
Was this the work of Manson or Miers? Well wait
I can take lives, stake knifes
Fuck a A. K. Or a nine
I use Louisville Sluggers
To blood-jam muthafuckas
It's not all good
I'm the rap version of Blair Underwood
_Just Cause_, niggas must pause
Cause I bust y'all
My fo' pounder will ground ya
Got you scared like a bitch when my whole crew surround ya
I'm down to do what it takes to lyrically make
The industry shake, because I'm finna be great
Erase ya like Schwarzenegger, stake ya out
Before I take ya out I duct-tape your mouth
Sendin niggas south of heaven
With a Mac-11
Is y'all feelin me?
I have the ability to kill mc's
Killin spree


(I do not think twice about the mc's I slay)
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