Well how are you doing
It's been a long time
Since you and I
Dusted off

And I can't seem to place what went wrong
Oh and it eats at me

And I go out into the night
Only to find myself thinkin about you
It's everywhere I go
It's everyone I know
Oh that reminds me of you

And I wanna hold you tight
And hold you at night
I wanna lay with you skin on skin
I wanna do the things that we used to
Like we used to
Like I used to

What I'm used to

Days go by
Months passin
Seasons changin
It's time with us
It can all go by and change
But it's time for me and you to say

And I miss your smile
And I miss those eyes
I miss you right there by my side
I wish I could wake up one mornin with you right there
Like you used to be


But you been gone,
You're just the one
Now that you be gone,
I'm lost without you
Now that you be gone,
I'm not the same without you
Now that I say,


What I'm used to
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Used To Lyrics

Mycal And Kavan Rorie – Used To Lyrics

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