Tell me things I cannot see.
Open room and the door so close
Child grows and the wise man knows
You are a part of a growing nation
You know you're better than they are
You hate, but you don't think so far

I think Im sick, sick of it all
I think I can't take it anymore
You are so cruel, you are so proud
Oh, you are deaf and I cry out.
On Planet Greed

You'd fall for you Countries' army
Your pride gives meaning to your life
Inside there is just will to survive
The truth is a spoken word of you
Your life is surely the best to live
You take, the others only have to give

I can't take it anymore
I think I#d kill myself before
I think I'm wrong, I'm wrong inside here
I think I'd die, I'd, I'd die to get free.
On Planet Greed

The endless need on Planet Greed.
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Greed Lyrics

My Surface – Greed Lyrics