Remember you are mortal - remember you will die
Within this moment of truth you must prove yourself divine...
And when salvation comes, the water always rises
The devil hides his face and smiles in his disguises

No mercy, pity or love
All pray in their distress and in our garden of delight there is no forgiveness!
No mercy, pity or love -
Your hero she will burn!
Time flies among the roses infected by the worm!

O kind and most sweet jesus - day of the dead has passed...
They question our existence - for nothing ever lasts...
Irreverent with regret, there is a howling storm
The angel fell from grace and now her halo's filled with thorns...


Ore para nosotros! Ore para nosotros!
All my precious wounds will leak -
From this prophecy I speak...
Pierce my arms and my feet -
Cast myself down on my knees!
Through repentance she is saved from her sins and hate within...
Momemto mori!
Hope and sentiments of faith...
Beneviolent and safe - memento mori!
Ore para nosotros... Ore para nosotros!
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Momento Mori Lyrics

My Ruin – Momento Mori Lyrics