[Bells Ringing]

Have you had enough excitement now
More than you ever did
You never wanted to be treated like a woman
You maintained you was just a kid

Well at least you were of age my dear
These days kids they grow so fast
You never wanted to be committed to the present
You're too busy believing in the past, oh

Who then was your savior
Who then was your friend
Who is now committed to the present
Is it someone that exists

What is life in God?
A perfect vision of the self?
I always thought we was dealing with one thing
Now we are dealing with something else, oh

Do you see my smoking guns
They're smoking from a shootin'
Smoking from shootin'
Smokin' from shootin at nothing here

Do you live your life on the road?
Yeah loosing that I'm loving
Asking for nothing
Runnin' from something that isn't there, oh

Who makes my decisions?
Who reads all your thoughts?
What makes us how we are?
Faith can't prove what science wont resolve.
Kumbaya my lord, c'mon row your boat ashore...
The river's long. It is cold. It chills the body but not the soul.

Do you see my smokin' guns?
They're smokin from shootin'. Smokin' from shootin'
Smokin' from shooting at nothing dear....
Do you live your life on the run?
Losing out on lovin....
Askin for nothing....
Running from something that isn't there.

Distance- coming or going? C'mon.
What are you waiting for?
Distance-growing or closing in on?
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Smokin From Shootin Lyrics

My Morning Jacket – Smokin From Shootin Lyrics

Songwriters: James Edward Olliges Jr.
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