Be just and fear not is what you said to me
But anxiety follows me with every step I take

Desires on my back – which I cannot fulfill on my own
No understanding from your side – no nothing
Effort meant nothing although I tried
I've had enough – how on earth can I please you?
Self-determination lead astray, give voice to my thoughts

I'm not saying I pushed myself to extremes
But I would never neglect a thing that shapes me, creates me
You say you listen, but you don't seem to care

It's like I speak right through you

Nothing cuts deeper than fear
And discussing these things won't change anything
Don't make me go through this again

Don't you judge me
Don't you level my actions to the ground

I've had enough, your corruption won't harm my ways
But despite all of my failures, I know I will see some brighter days.
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Strain Lyrics

My Love Your Lust – Strain Lyrics

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