How did you find yourself here?
I know it's been a while but I remember a face far less decayed.
Manicured nails, hair without grays.
I never suspected a thing
And then on that day

Perfume hid the scent
Of rum and cigarettes stained your breath.
Sorry was all you could say
When your son found you face down on your sink.
Your hands and knees trembling, my heart fell down to my feet.
And I'm scared

Because we're both so alike with our addictive personalities
That some days I'll get so down,
Someday I'll get so sad
And the bottle won't fulfill so I'll try something harder,
Something that last longer that will take away the troubles in my mind.
I bet it felt good the first time, maybe even the first few times.

But if you could go back it wouldn't be the same.
I bet you'd be a saint if you could have seen your face.
Oh, how I wish there was a way for anything to change.
I want to see you smile.
I want to hear you breathe without the influence of substances that change the way you think.

Oh, how I wish there was a way.
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Family Traits Lyrics

My Iron Lung – Family Traits Lyrics