Yes I confess I was the one that did it
Did what!
It's been such a stressful night and I was taking it out on myself
But I shouldn't be so hard hateful, everyone screws up
And since I'm the one not getting laid, I thought I'd drink my problems away
But who knew I'd shoot the finest arrow laced with vodka tonight
Check it.

I was at the bar
I was at the bar
I was at the bar
Without my bow and arrow

She was at the bar
She was at the bar
She was at the bar
Without her intentions

The street light is on tonight
Your nightlight is off tonight

And if you think I'm shooting sober
Then you can wear her dress if you can keep up with her
We carry on in perverted manners
So far I see you being the only one who has a problem with me

You think you can cut me off

Ready aim (I'm the best fucking shot tonight)
Find the mark (I'll make your dreams come true)
One deep breath (And if you lean slightly to the right)
Let her go (Let cupid make it right baby)
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Even Cupid Drinks Lyrics

My Hero Is Me – Even Cupid Drinks Lyrics