We haunt these walls
Stud for stud
Every nook, every cranny
Blood for blood

The curtain opens as angel takes the floor

Steady your nerves
Your sleepless nights are about to return

Give me your eyes for just a minute
I will not let you down
We can play hide and seek
As long as you speak
Of my name on your way out


Son, son
If you don't pray before you sleep
You will be prey yourself
The demons will taunt
Slyly they'll play
Softly their aged voices sing
Damn you
Damn you
Damn you
You will be mine

You say it's all in my head
Tell that to the camera
You say it's all

No demon, no man, no power that be
Could ever have the strength
To keep you from me
To keep you from

Bringer of the morning

Subjugate the child

We watch you in your sleep

If demons exist
God does too
And don't get me wrong
In essence it's true but
That's the snare that caught my feet
Because now every night they watch me sleep
They watch me sleep

We watch you sleep
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The Witching Hour Lyrics

My Heart To Fear – The Witching Hour Lyrics