Love... Give me love

Sick of all the noise that we make,
The killings, the oil, the guns.
Tired of alll the news that they make,
The famine, the stars, they're cars.

Children dying, mothers crying,
That's the life your money buys.
If one asks we'll keep on denying,
Media will feeds the lies.

I won't lie down,
I won't shut up,
We're crashing down,
I can't see you praying.

For god sake give me love,
And the heavens may come.
For god sake give me love,
For we haven't calmed down.

Hungry for the things that we miss,
The laughter, the wine the song.
We pretend the world isn't bliss,
I'm sorry we got it wrong...

... I won't back down
I won't shut up
We're crashing down
I can't hear you praying


Hey... You, open your eyes...

For god sake give me love.

Be a barron and make a sound.
Give your life a different sound.
Be awake and make a sound.
You might be given one last chance.

Ooooooooooooh [x2]


For god sake give me love,
(Be a barron make a sound)
And the heavens may come.
(Give your life a different sound)
For god sake give me love,
(Be awake and make a sound)
Before I lay myself - down.
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For God's Sake Lyrics

My Excellence – For God's Sake Lyrics

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