Screaming for answers but only silence the torment this
You're such a sick, sad waste of a human being
You're such a sick, sad waste of a human being
We are the guilt of lies
That I can forget everything
There are just a few that give me hope

That you can still believe in something
While still trying to accept the ones who just aren't listening
And judge the the choices I choose to make in own my life?
This fight to push you on your own side of the fucking line

They say the hardest battles are for the strongest soldiers
And the weight of the world is always on his shoulders
You could away the only source of light

A brutal sickness brings
There is nothing left to find
Cuz til I don't need all the answers
I just need a choice

This is makes me determined
When still fills me just like the thought of you
And so I don't want this fucking disaster evils
We are the obey
Take a stand we are the owe
So break these shackles and take a stand we are the gears
And to outlive the dream of you and me
This has been a disease overtaking a new
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Blackout Lyrics

My Distance Of Spiral – Blackout Lyrics

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