If you want to make peace, I’ll be dhali Lama
If you want to wage war, I’ll be Jin Kazama
Say the streets been bumpin’ pumpin jumpin’ like Zaboomafoo
Young warriah’ Shaga Zulu

Verse 1:

Livin’ in the jungle where snakes and spiders everywhere
Gotta go rilla’ or we’ll turn into some killers here eh
Said the green in the mahogany’ll keep my mind in harmony
I’m covered by that armory
424 hours I been awake like I can't sleep right
Runnin from the sharks in the streets call em great whites
See the flashin lights in the dark can't breath right
Look around like oh my God; I got a long way to go
But I gotta play the part; I'm fightin all my obstacles

Hook: 1x

Verse 2:

Been workin my whole life in this and my old life
The mind of a made man the soul of the almight
Aquanted with darkness beloved by all light
The era of new thought prove wrong of the old right
Movin towards the future pheewm know you hear the sound
Secrets are unlocked and thoughts are unbound
May hear but I wont speak
War cry but it don’t weep
Fear rest but it don’t sleep
Pillow stay over that heat oh yeah

Hook: x2

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Art Of War Lyrics

Muzi – Art Of War Lyrics

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