I hate to be in love
I donґt like being fine
When Iґm at worst
Is when I really feel alive
And I canґt stand to see
You happy people smile
Cause Iґm a killer
I would love to make you cry

Bring Me Everyone
I need to hurt someone
Iґll give you love, then I turn you down
My work here, itґs done

They say Iґm psycho
And should be put behind bars
That I am damaged
And my soul is full of scars
You shiny people
You should never come this far
Cause Iґm a killer
I got murder in my heart

Bring Me Everyone...

Ringing bells in the sky
Is this the bringer of light
No, you fools, it is I
Run for cover or die
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Bring Me Everyone Lyrics

Mustasch – Bring Me Everyone Lyrics