My first album had no famous guest appearances
Wait.. This is my first album
No ai and Jadakiss
I know it'll get money like ai and Jason Rich
excluding all the fines teh nba dished
The say I, can't rap like Jada
Someday I'll become playa
My mark on this game will be big as a crater
as I mix jams with Jada-Kiss
Who says I can't rap, that's Ludacris
I'm makin it big in this bizaness

My record dropped it like it's hot
Drop, Drop it like it's hot
I spit rhymes like Juvenile
Do time in Juvenile
No I'm no child
I'm the child turned the man
My album drops jaws makin the hater turn the fan
It's straight off the chains
I'm rappin like I got ice in my veins
My videos on mtv rockin ice
concerts on ppv get more viewers than Miami Vice
More jerseys sold than Jerry Rice
more customers than Ben and Jerry's ice
Cream makes you scream, best record of 0-3 is what it's deemed
This ain't no story of the hood or the streets
just real crazy rhymes and real crazy beats
No, this ain't no album promotion
Just ten tracks filled with soul and devotion
End of november my album hits stores
and my stock begins to soar
November 28 is the date my album drops
and forever changes the world of hip hop
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Record Breaking Record Lyrics

Murphy Lee – Record Breaking Record Lyrics