Shadow, shadow
I sit in the corner stone cold by the nightmare
Shadow, shadow
Convict me for living the lie I was prone to
Nothing but empty hearts, empty, empty smiles,
Empty dreams, empty cries
I never knew, that isn't true
What was I thinking
Running away, breaking your heart
Was it all drinking
I'd seen enough lies, heared enough lies
What was I thinking
There, there

Shadow, shadow
Forgive me for letting youy down in this lifetime
Shadow, shadow
But you let go long before my chance to save you
The could of's, the would of's
Too late for answers
I need you now, I miss you now
I'll love you forever
There, there

Baby, baby, baby
Don't be scared, it's only me
Smile, c'mon let me see you smile
There that's better
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Shadow Lyrics

Murmurs – Shadow Lyrics