Night falls, a shadow falls over your crypt
As you push your coffin lid aside
Fresh death hangs on your breath
And your kisses taste like sweet formaldehyde

Oh my undead queen
Your walked outta my nightmares
And through the cemetery gates
Such a welcome fright
Won't you rise for me tonight my darling

Mausoleum girl
My mausoleum girl

Dead eyes, vacant and black as despair
Betray your many ghoulish charms
Dead flesh rotting away
As we bleed together in each other's arms

Your face looks so beautiful
Hanging off your skull
Like a worm-infested china doll
My sweet monstrosity
Won't you rise again for me my darling

Mausoleum girl
My mausoleum girl
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Mausoleum Girl Lyrics

Murderland – Mausoleum Girl Lyrics