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Salt Lyrics

Mugison – Salt Lyrics

You know, she killed me
Took me down to the sea
And killed me

Don't know why it happened
We used to go there
Me and my mum, but she...

Like when you light a match
A click, and she was on fire

We used to build castles
Down there, whole empires
We placed the crabs as guardians
And tiny little birds come and visit

She pulled my hair
And dragged me in to the sea
Don't know why she did it

While she did it she sang like a violin
Like a violin...

My name is Salt
I'm the reason there is salt in the sea
I'm the reason there is salt in you tears
That's how I come back, like boiling water
Everything will evaporate
Dissolve and disappear
I'll be there as a taste on your cheek
So you can remember those that are gone
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