No integrity, no sincerity, no credibility, no regret, no principle no ethic no honor, makes no fucking sense, no insight toward the future, no vision and no respect, no authority, no veracity, no honesty, no penitance, no pride no power, just a criminal, no morals

Your greed, you'd burn the bridge around me just to save yourself
Your envy, you can't be what I am even with my help
Gluttony, take everything from me, take it for youself
My wrath, I'll just live my own life

So violent, so dissedent, no more requiem, so I lament, so simple to revere, to respect, down and left for dead, so forget my foregiveness, you've all failed to protect; my persistence, insistence, my will my stubborness, consune, devour, like a criminal, no standards

{repeat chorus}

Bfore I saw the light, I crawled through darkness my wole life, so empty, before I found my life, I embraced the death that's coming, so certain drawing near, coming closer, it's approaching, I know the signs I've got the number, I found my vision I know the motion, my eyes forever open

{chorus again}
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burn the bridge Lyrics

Mudvayne – burn the bridge Lyrics

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