Frozen in time
Frozen within
Waiting for the tears to begin

Trusted in faith
Trusted in you
But look at what love is putting me through

See your lies are now exposed
Our chapter has been closed
Yet still I can’t conceal
My wounds won't heal, no.

How can you fail to see
The pain that you’re causing me,
So hurt like a knife to the heart
And it's me who will pay the price
Your love is now cold as ice
So hurt left me falling apart
Sweet Liar
Sweet Liar

Did she kiss like me
Did she stroke your hair
How long did you plan this love affair

If three years from now
We meet again
Would you reveal the truth to me then

See your lies are now exposed...

How can you fail to see...

Don't look back
Don't come near me
Can't forget all things that you said
Things will change
I will be free
And the truth will come out in the end
Sweet Liar
Sweet Liar(

How can you fail to see…
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Sweet Liar Lyrics

Ms Trez – Sweet Liar Lyrics

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