Verse 1:
You sneaky ass puta,
Got yourself in this mess por estupida
You actually believed he would leave me for you
When I got his last name, what the fuck do you
It takes more than a hoodrat to fuck with my head
To fuck up my home, yeah you heard what I said
Don't act fucken new
Cuz you got him to look
That doesn't mean a shit atleast in my book
Why you dipping el sal he's fucking with me
And I'll fuck him in front of you
So you see and you finally know why he aint going out
Wish that he could, but my tits in his mouth
Why you acting surprised
Did you think you could get him to be in your life
No te ases tontita
Igual como wena puedo ser maldita
Ten quidado no te chinges conmigo
Te metes con el te arastro en el piso
Me sobren las ganas
Te darte tu madre pinche pendeja me ago con hales

Verse 2:
Pendeja culera
You fucken ramera
You know why your ass is alone ofresida
You knew he was married but you wanted dick
30 something years and your ass still a trick
Your so fucken blind
That you couldn't see I was right there behind you
Just wait til I find you now
How in the hell could you be so dumb take one look at me
Why the fuck should you run
To some fucken hag when he gots it around
You guess you didn't think you could ever be found
To be alcrodonda, pinche trondonda
Now you wanna compare to me no ases tonta
I know your type
You wanna be friends and turn around to fuck with my man
I know you told him I don't give a fuck what he said
So you with my head
Cuz it didn't happen with you overnight
I know you been trying for a period of time
To make him forget that he had a wife
Ten quidado cabrona now you play with ur life
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Homewrecker Lyrics

Ms Krazie – Homewrecker Lyrics