I never wanted to fall in love
He took me from where I was comfortable
Skeptical still I gave my all
But he couldn't handle it
He was too insecure and immature
I was open, my heart got broken
I shoulda' known that it was gonna be this way
I let him in, now I'm burnin'
I wish that we never even met that day
Now let me tell you how the story goes
Sure you heard it all a million times before
I loved and lost and now I'm in pain
I ain't never gonna give my heart to love again

When I fall in love
It will be forever
Coz I'll never ever
Fall in love again
When I fall in love
There will be no other
Only me and you
In this whole wide world

A lover that can sweet me, keep me on my toes
A brother that can keep me from the cold
Elevate my mind and stimulate my soul
Love me much and he ain't afraid to let it show
And help me grow and he's honest
And a promise is a promise
I can trust him completely, coz he keep his word
Help me achieve things there every time I need him
And he sacrifice, he always put me first
Now let me tell you exactly what I want
I know you heard it all a million times before
Strong enough that he ain't causing me pain
But that's what its gon' be if I ever fall in love again

Repeat Chorus

Me nah really care
For the way certain boy dem a flex
The way dem bwoy 'a gwan jus'a get me vex
The attitude, disrespect
The games and the strain
Got a good woman like me, never wanting to know love again
Coz love has been pain, I'm at the end of my tether
So if I fall in love again, its gotta be for ever
I know you heard it all a million times before
I ain't the first and sure as hell gonna be many more

Repeat Chorus Twice
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Fall In Love Again Lyrics

Ms. Dynamite – Fall In Love Again Lyrics

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