[Intro:] [Ms. Darks Talking]
I had to do my version,
You know me.
Ms. Darks
(Yeah-yeah-yeah /yeah-yeah-yeah)

I'm gettin' large now
They play my cd when they're drivin' in their cars now
They're sayin' Darky you're about to be a star now
Didn't wanna know now they're kissin' ass now

Finally understood,
I had to let it simmer.
I'm on a next ting,
You think you're sick I'm iller
I'm moving out the hood
I'm purchasing a villa
21 guaranteed I'll be in a bimma
Uh, and their aint nobody fresher
Handle you in the dresser
Animal, call me Ke$ha (araagh)
(Uh) See their quick to leach
But they don't wanna help
I plan to take the lead
Go 'head and fuck yourself!
(I am, I am, I am) what the news call "the latest"
You can feel my (wrath) if your fuckin' with my paper
Treble queen I'm about to show them what the bass does
Turn it loud man who gives a fuck about the neighbours

S*U*P*E*R*S*T*A*R* (Uh) got bars, got pages
Type of girl to leave your ass, just because you came quick.
They wanna test me, to see what my range is
Gimme a proud man, see how quick I change him

[Bridge:] [Ms. Darks Talking]
I wasn't even gonna do this track you know... But I felt I had to.
It's okay, I'm good, Let's go!

[Verse 2:]
I'm 'bout the penthouse treatment on the top floor
I'm bad, I'll kiss him on his cheek let him want more
So big that when you say my name get a lock jaw (Ha)
Hard work pays, look I'm on tour...
1st served when I enter the bank door
I want the best, why you telling me it cost more?
Look, I'm an Engineer, Lyricist, possibly a physicist;
Do it all myself, where's my encore [clap clap] (Blaow!)
It's only me,
All it'll ever be,
And when I'm under Earth, hope you remember me,
Just for killing the beat
Not accepting defeat
This is what imma be
Baby follow my lead

I'm getting famous
Tune in and watch me blow
And if you miss the show,
Honey just Let me know

Got labels on my phone
Like I turn coal into gold
Aint got no time to talk
Just Ping me on my Bold

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Pass Out Lyrics

Ms. Darks – Pass Out Lyrics

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