Undah mi Guiness and mi high grade ting
Some body ago get mash up this evening
Can't wait fi hear all di door bell ring
Cause Jaclyn a go dead this evening
Verse 1:
Mi kick out mi buzzah yuh nuh have nuttn fi squeeze
Put up mi sign marked nuh disturb mi please, Geez!
Some bwoy wah fi life like these
But you know fi mek gyal weak ina dem knees
Mi haffi certain eveyting Coopacet
Cause nuh gyal nuh pass pon di border and regret
Mi nah lef mi rubbaz, mi nah tek nuh check
Mi know fi mek di gal dem soakin wet
Cause mi
Chorus 2x
Verse 2:
Mi coulda swear seh mi hear di door bell a ring
Ring tiki tiki tiki ting ting ting
Dat muss be di one Jaclyn, wait!
Hold on deh same rhatid ting
Looking stunning ina one liccle short ting
Sinting run through mi body and mi eyes start spin
But a dead! This Yute ya ain't stalling
And mi sweear, mi ain't crawling
Chorus 2x
Verse 3:
Drink up di Guiness wit di Sosoferulla
It mek yuh feel strong like 20 gorilla
Woman wah feel di agony dem want di power
Even ina di bed or even pon di dresser
Yeah, gyal dem want it ina di shower
Gyal dem a seh dat dem nuh want nuh bowah
Das why Jackie come on ya
Mi nah ride an lef mi rubbah
Chorus 2x
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Under Mi Guiness Lyrics

Mr. Vegas – Under Mi Guiness Lyrics

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