Woke Up From A Dream
Not Knowing what It Means
Shaking In A Close Set
Living Off The Treats
I Nomas Me Falta Que Me Tiren Rata
Y Con Eso Basta
I'm A Full Time Hustla
I'm Done With The Bullshit
I'm Out For Another Leak
This Game Is Serious
I Grew Up Here And This
Grew Up Carring Klips And I'm Not Done Yet
With My Gangsta shit
I'm Living Taking Challenges
And There Are All The Dangerous
Where Only Time Can Tell
In A Blaze Of Hell
I Found My Self
With Murderers And Convicts
That's Why My Life Is So Sick
Got To Get Out Of The Struggle
And Start fucking With The Real Hustlers

I'm Tired Of This (you Feel Me)
I Wanna Get Rich (Why Not)
And fucking A bitch (All Day)
Cuz that's what It Is (Gangsta Dog)

I'm Tired Of Waiting Here But I Still Got a lot Of Years
But Ima Still Write On Ese God
Give Me My Blessing
I Could Get Shot On The Streets
Cuz Of The Way That I'm Dressing
So Many Juras Harrasing
Foo I Wanna Get Blasting
See Me I Grew Up In Hood
So They Claiming No Good
Twice In And Out The Pinta
Soy Cabron Se Te Fijas
Nothing But Bad Times
But I'm Still Strong And Got Mines
Sitting In The Front Lines
Waiting For Someting To Happen
So We Can Get It Craking
Me Canso Pero Sigo Porque No Ay Otro Alivio
I'm Down For Wutevers
When Would I Stop? Never
Show Me A Better Day Without Killing Fools Everyday

Staying In The Getto
Tell Me To Hold The Fierro
And A Hand Full Of Years
Kept My Mother In Tears
Too Much Vagencia Speeding With No Licensia
And The shit Was A Train
Playa Playa Gang
I Can Love It Or Hate It
But I'm Still Getting Rated
Getto Bird On The Spot
There Goes My Hand On The Block
Mis Manas Son Para Ganar
Me Tengo Que Amarrar
Cuz Anything Is Possible
Fucking With A Gangsta Fool
Ima Get Ritch Watcha
All Day Pimpin Ur Muchacha (Como Nada)
Here With All My Raza
Doing what I Got To Do
Don't Be The One I Got To Shoot
Cuz I'm Sick And Tired This Weed don't Get Me No Higher
Cuz I'm...

I'm Tired Of This
I Wanna Get Rich
And fucking A bitch
Cuz that's what It Is (Gangsta Dog)
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Tired Of This Lyrics

Mr. Trippalot – Tired Of This Lyrics

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