(feat. Big Capone)

[Mr. Sancho]
Just another day it's all about survival in a major way
Get out my way go and get your bible and begin to pray
I'm on the loose fucking with the truth beat you down and
Snag your jewels, I be acting like I choose I be acting like a fool
What up? I got the loo, we build sluga mothafucker' I crack down
On all you busta's that cannot trust us, known to flip the script
This time, I'm slick like this sick rhyme it's gonna hit ya' bitch
When I get high of this, and so I started all malicious 'cause I'm
Out to get ya' I'm so relentless on the thought of getting with ya'
Get a picture if you turn out your pose can I get ya' a hose, give you
A presence of a sick mind and a criminal mind mafioso
Working out crimes hooking the minds killing these vatos that are
Dropping a dime, I don't need shit 'cause I get all that's mine
Stab me in the back 'cause I'm doing this fine, 'cause I don't play
Silence all you putos right away, remember the name sancho
Not giving a fuck about what you say

[Chorus 2x's] (Big Capone)

You wanna hang, you wanna bang and act like the big boys
Tag along then you dump from the big toys
Think first before you talk before you react
You wanna bang on me I'mma bang right back

[Big Capone]
You wanna bust and bust do what you got to do
But understand this I'ma do what I got to do
Whether it be through A. 9 and. 45 or. 22
If you bang on me I'ma bang on you

I ain't scared of shit and I ain't scared of you
I'm Big Capone mi corazon will walk alone if I have to
Everything about you is weak, you ain't nothing but a has been
I hate it when you speak, see you when you walk
I feel all your thoughts, you in a game for two only you falling
Too short, I can hang with the best of 'em
Pull out the south and west on 'em, watch low pro collect on 'em
I'm a leader so shut the fuck up and follow me jump in your low low
And ride for me, if you hate me then fuck you 'cause you ain't shit
You gonna bang I'mma bang so come on fill up your clips

[Chorus 2x's]

[Mr. Sancho]
He sobrevivido varias situaciones peligrosas
Empezando con chingasos terminando con pistolas
No empiezes a creer que me vas a chantajear
Pinche culero me buscaste so te voy a balacear
Me vale madre mas te vale no te metas en mis jales
Cuando entras nunca sales te corto la lengua por lo que sabes
Crimenes organizados watcha tu espalda por todos los lados
Sabes que yo siempre tiro los dados, siempre tumbado
Siempre armado, sancho te llego me siento bien acelerado
Te apuesto mi vida que en esta batalla yo siempre gano
100% macho, actuando bien gacho, yo soy tu destino
Y cuando te mueres escucha y mira que no estoy bromeando
No te pases, hablas como nada cuando no estas en mi cara
No te rajes, ya que estamos cara a cara no te oigo decir nada

[Chorus 2x's]
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Wanna Bang Lyrics

Mr. Sancho – Wanna Bang Lyrics