Roomba, Roomba…

Verse 1:
Here in the dim light, all that is shown
Are the strong walls of a clean and happy home.
But turn on the bright lights, and you will find
The dirty dust balls in the corners of my mind.
But I’ve got a new friend, when he come around
All of my problems shake and shudder at the sound.
So dirty dust balls, your funky grime
Done gone and soiled my poor spirit the last time.

Got a robot vacuum, cleaning up my life
And it gonna cut through filth and funk just like a knife.
And if they come back again they’ll be my brand new friend,
Got a robot vacuum cleaning up my life.

Verse 2:
I did not recognize, I was just hypnotized
As all the dirt had piled up down from my toes up to my eyes.
And so I went to see a doctor who was learned true and wise
To help unmask my problems from their dirty deep disguise.
And I said Doctor! Doctor! Doctor! Can you hear my worried mind
And he said clean yourself up son and you’ll be fine.
So I… [Chorus:]


Verse 3:
Ooh, I couldn’t make it on my own.
I couldn’t face it all alone.
And all my friends, when I ask them, all they do is turn away
And flip their hair like they don’t care they laissez-faire and I just stare and they say…

(Are you ever gonna get your life together and stop living like a dirty old bum) I don’t know
(Well you better or you’ll just end up forever in a pile of your own dirty scum) I know!
(And boy, don’t think that you can sleep away and close your eyes and wait for all your problems to wane) I told ya!
(Why can’t you understand you need to get a plan)
Well I told you twice but you won’t stop, so I guess I’m gonna tell you again
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Brand New Friend Lyrics

Mr. Pitiful – Brand New Friend Lyrics

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