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Fulcrum (Insight Mix) (Feat. Opio) Lyrics

Mr. Lif – Fulcrum (Insight Mix) (Feat. Opio) Lyrics

F/ Opio (Souls of Mischief)

Mic check Rakim

Playing like Prince
Purple Rain in Minneapolis
And snatch up your ?appleonia?
With the hazardous, batting averages
Swing hard like Joe Dimaggio
Akin to winning rap roulette at the Belazio
Opio's unstoppable, killin all the sacrilige
Keep my shit locked and loaded until the caps in this
Real as a Vietnam flashback, imagine this
Crushing your cardiac harder than an Aztec
I might choke or snitch [what?]
Like Slobodan Milosevic
[Oh shit] Holding on with both my fists
You'll the Ultimate Fighting Championships
Were jumpin in your living room
Fucking up your amplifier
So loud it damn near chipped your tooth [what]
I'm living proof that there's mind over matter
Your spine'll get shattered
+Three Eyes+ comin at ya [ha ha]
Faster than plasma beams, futuristic

(Mr. Lif)
The master dreams of a society twisted
One cult with everyone enlisted
Clingin to religion just to feel uplifted
Brother I can feel your aggression
Life on a whole is in question
We ignore what we don't mention
To err is human, but the road we're assumin
Stops all things from breathing and the flowers from bloomin
Now I'm no historian, but I recall
That ALL
Civilizations fall
We give up our control but we suffer from withdrawal
We learn how to walk now we're too proud to crawl
[You thinking large?]
(We need to think small)
[Man first the universe]
(That's the ultimate brawl)

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