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Front On This (Live) Lyrics

Mr. Lif – Front On This (Live) Lyrics

Most people record songs about love, heartbreak,
Lonelyness, being broke
Nobody has actually went out and recorded a song
About real pain...

Record labels, front on this
Too weak to resist? Front on this
Those who pack and waitin this, front on this
I dare you to front on this
Boston, front on this
New York City, front on this
Calley, front on this
I dare you to...

Yo, a lot of rappers all pretend to be hard
Then they bitch when I mash up their memory hard
Lookin like they gonna cry
But if you punks want more
Then I have to 720 dump on ya
In turn my revolutions I am to go evolution
Then I emerge superhuman to the this metamorphosis
Ability to moarn and crust like in nature
So I turn into a paiger
Ride ravens on the bone of your hip
You come
With a blade I slit through your mid section
When I'm wreckin
Then free the skin without protection
Leaving the cops without fingerprints, dna or
Next thing you know I list up for election
And during my campane I bust your damn brain
I came t fulfil all your needsand demands
So I start crushingall that stands with my hands
First command: resort back to the land
I limit your throat - you can no longer expand
I'll explain the cause of human life by a diagram

Front on this
Europe really can't front on this
Hoplesses like t front on this
I dare you to front on this
Police, front on this
The president repeatedly front it on this
The leake should not front on this
I dare you to front on this

The government tries to be all magnificient
But when I came to them, the sea split
Since then my potenty is been kept secret for years
We negotated over this
Then immediately locked behind rolls and squares
They scared cause I'm mentally equipped
So they can pick me with spears
Forcing my life to revolve within political spheres
Here's a narrow tip to your, you consider that
A primitive attack
But back then I was smarter than that
Able to vision the birth of rhythym
And two turn-tables with dj rippin
Mc electrifyingly been rhyme-switchin
These connections generated and used a smart thought
Mentally strong with true power to alert
To those who need light in their darkest hours
These als reenforced souls had turned sour
It'll give courage to cowards
And put a stopto homicidal cops in watch towers

Front n this
Europe really can't front on this
Africa, better not front on this
I dare you to front on this
Japan, front on this
The uk may front on this
Canada, better not front on this
I dare you to front on this
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