Me and my chick were out of our gore
Stoking it home in my 40 Ford
Flipping by the way-out pad
Of the way-out cat old Rod McDadd
We stopped to dig the crazy sound
And saw old Rodney all unwound
Doing the weirdo wiggle to a crazy song
We let old Rodney lead us on
Weirdo wiggle, weirdo wiggle

The weirdo wiggle was done like this
A forward wheelie and a second-gear miss
Double clutch and do it again
Pop your shoot and that's the end
Weirdo wiggle, weirdo wiggle

Mr Shift was coming on
Rocking and grinding to the crazy sound
Then Mother's Worry got the beat
Scratching and a clawing with his wrong shift feet
Weirdo wiggle, weirdo wiggle

Everybody dug the dance
But against old Dadd they couldn't stand a chance
He'd jimmy his shoulders and his tummy would jiggle
Rodney's the king of the weirdo wiggle
Weirdo wiggle, weirdo wiggle
Weirdo wiggle, weirdo wiggle
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Weirdo Wiggle Lyrics

Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos – Weirdo Wiggle Lyrics

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