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Gotta Find A Way Lyrics

MPM – Gotta Find A Way Lyrics

Knowledge is the knoalition, also too respect
Knowledge is the foundation of all things in existence
Such as the sun is the foundation of the solar system
and the Asiatic black man is the foundation of his family

[Chorus: x3]
It's nice to be important but it's even more important to be nice
[some kids] "Got to find a way"

That's my word, check one, check two

Donna makes one sacrifice, what?
Started to change when the days got strange
No more hand-to-hand, strictly campaigns
It's all economics, hard times and trick-knowledgy
Champagne, caviar, psychology
Practice to be me, strivin for equality
Buildin, I believe the children like Whitney and Walt Disney

[some kids] "Got to find a way"

Uh, uh, it's like that y'all and you don't quit
Shit that make you fall in love with it

[Chorus: x2]

In the Days of Our Lives we could all feel the pain
when all of this children trapped in the game
Playin' hookie from school, just ain't the same
When the guns get bigger, I worry 'bout the kids
The knucklehead ones with the elevator, bid
Trapped in America, it's hard to escape
The Projects, life is like the Planet of the Apes
When all of these kids be buggin wild off the tapes
It's your mindstate shorty, tellin you to be late
Do your homework kid, keep your mind out the dirt
You're only eighteen and you don't know who you hurt
I love you like a little brother, here's a razor
Carry that wise son, treasure what I gave ya

[Chorus: x2]

Long time no so, long time suffer
As the days get tougher, rougher on Don
I wanted help but first let me help myself
Have a care of my family, black librarian lady
Run right beside me, no public assistance
Long distance, I touch man, woman and child
Diet and stretch, architect with the finesse
Chain heat, brain stained with the horror
I'm a father of two, Wu Killa Bee lethal
I worked hard for mine, entwined up inside
Energy junkie, fertilize this twice, enough spice
I teach Lo, say no to drugs, say yes to more money
I'm a Transformer when your days get sunny
I'm your number one performer, pray for the all time great
Take a toast if you love Ghost, I'll be there
Beware, take caution, often I've seen these streets are gettin' mean
Less rest, put the whole world to a test
Try to survive, archive five, strangle with lies
Last days of the hive, it's the Second Coming
I'm a secretary of Wu, official article post up
More dictionaries, read heavy notes, both coasts come together
Never be blind, protect all of mankind

[Chorus: x4]
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