Йirigh suas a stуirнn
Mura bfhuil tъ do shuн
Foscail a' doras
Agus lig mise 'un tн
Ta buidйal I'm aice
Bhйarfas deoch do mhnaoi an tн
A's tб sъil 'gam nach ndiъltuigheann
Tъ mй fa do nнon
(Rise up, my darling
If you're not up already
Open the door
And let me into the house
There's a bottle beside me
That'll give a drink to the woman of the house
And I hope you don't
Refuse me your daughter)

Nuair a й irighim amach ar maidin
Agus dearcaim uaim siar
Is dearcaim ar a'bhaile
Ud a bhfuil agam le ghabhail ann
Tuiteann na deуra
Na srуite liom sios
Agus gniomh se mнle osna
A tб cosъil le cumhaidh
(When I rise out in the morning
And I look to the west
And I look at the town
That I have to go to
The tears fall
In floods down
And I give a thousand sighs
That are like homesickness)

I ngleanntain na coilleadh uagnн
Is lag brу nach a bim
У Dhomnach go Domhnach
's mй ag cathamh mo shaol
'mй feitheamh gach trathnуna
Ce shiъlъil 'na rуd no cй thiocfadh 'n ti
's gan duine ar an domhan mhуare
A thiocfadh 's thуgfadh mo chroн
(In the glens of the lonely wood
I am weak and sad
From Sunday to Sunday
As I spend my life
I look every evening to see
Who would walk on the road or come to the house
And there's no one on the great earth
Who would come and lift my heart)

A Mhбilн a chйadsearc
Na trйig thusa mй go brбch
Nach bhfuil mй do dhiadh gach aon lб
Fa mhalaidh na n-ard?
Is tъ cruithneach ar mhnб Йireann
Is tъ an pйarla 'tб doiligh 'fhбil
Is dar mhionna mo bhйil ni brйag й
Go bhfuil mй leatsa I ngrб
(Oh Molly, my first love
Don't you ever abandon me
Am I not after you each and every day
On the slopes of the hillock?
You are the wheat of all the women of Ireland
You are the pearl that is difficult to get
And by the oath of my mouth, it is no lie
That I am in love with you)
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Éirigh Suas A Stóirín Lyrics

Moya Brennan – Éirigh Suas A Stóirín Lyrics