We will create consumer paradise
Teach all ye citizens the need
A sale is a sale, no matter what the price
Teach all ye citizens the holy need
Everyone's equal before the mighty buck
Train all ye citizens to buy
It's crap, and it's crooked, but we don't give a
Come join our Bargainville and you'll say aye!
With pockets bulging we regale thee
Our True North domain
Who's natural wealth and opportunity
Sings loud 'cross the plain
Every ringing register will bring us
One step closer to the prize
In each child's eyes the gleaming glimmer
Streamlined shimmer of the newly acquired
And duly admired
For a citizen's a citizen who buys!
Cast aside your gloomy prospects
Wealth flows down from above
Come fill your bags with plastic spatulas
Board games, juicers and love
There will always be trinket-sprinkled products intermingled
You may be singled out for cash rewards
To be spent towards the [pile?]
>From plastic swords to [???]
The heaving hoards of happiness
That our Bargainville can supply!
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The Bill Anthem Lyrics

Moxy Fruvous – The Bill Anthem Lyrics